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I started going through Wikipedia articles based on King Features Syndicate comic strips to pull new entries for the Notepad. I’ve used major comic strips as theme searches for database entries in the past, but I’m making another pass to collect entries I missed and rescore the entries I have. In my scant knowledge of turn-of-the-century comics, I have heard the name Abe Kabibble, but not in the forms Abraham Kabibble or Abie Kabbible. All are inferrably acceptable, but I’m curious which was considered standard when the strip was in its heyday.


The practice of dumping a cooler of Gatorade on a coach came up in a recent Learned League trivia question that, referencing Jim Burt and Bill Parcells in the first known instance of the sports tradition. I managed a correct answer with a longhand description of the practice, and later discovered the Wikipedia article that cited the terms “Gatorade Bath,” “Gatorade Dunk,” and “Gatorade Shower.” I added all of these entries to the Notepad.

     LAZYSMURF (70)

This was a marquee entry in a Frank Longo themeless puzzle. When I filled it in, I felt a little satisfaction in applying some Gen-X knowledge from my childhood memories of Saturday-morning cartoon watching. My friend Chris Morse recently posted a Smurf identification quiz on Sporcle that I fared rather well on. Frank’s crossword entry also made me suspect that he has all of the Smurf names from Chris’s quiz already in his database, and that made me realize how far my Project has to go.

     STORYCORPS (70)

I picked this entry as a seed for an Unthemely simply because I’m a fan of the StoryCorps project, having listened to the entries broadcast on NPR for years.

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