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     LOCALCALLS (73)

Here’s another entry whose meaning is becoming less relevant in modern times. But if I can know about party lines and exchanges then next-generation solvers can learn about long-distance service.

     MAVOURNEEN (45)

I learned this word while I was looking for clue options for ERIN and came across the song “Come Back to Erin.” “Oh yeah,” I thought, “that’s the song from One Froggy Evening — Come Back to Erin…uh…what’s that next word the frog sings?” I gave the Irish word for “my darling” a fill-in-the-blank score.


This Facebook game has been around for a while, but it was the news story of Alec Baldwin’s run-in with American Airlines that prompted my to add it to the Notepad. It also seemed like a good seed entry for a 16x16 Unthemely, clued with a reference to the Baldwin incident. Unthemely construction was delayed due to the holidays and some other projects, and by the time I started writing clues the Baldwin story seemed too long past.

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